The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Toddler/ Baby Sweater

Toddler Sweater
Size 18-24months

24 and 36 peg loom
looming hook
stitch holder
crafters needle
2 skeins of 4 ply yarn, in 2 contrasting colors

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
K: Knit
P: Purl
D: Decrease
CC: Change Color
LC: Light Color
DC: Dark Color
LCOF: Loose Cast Off

Front and Back: Flat: 36 pegs
EW CO 36 pegs LC
Row 1: K36
Row 2: K1, P1, 18 times
Row 3: P1, K1, 18 times
Row 4-9: Repeat row 2 and 3
Row 10-18: CC DC, K36
Row 19-27: CC LC, K36
Row 28-43: Repeat rows 10-27
Row 44: CC DC, K
Row 45: D by 1 on each end, K all pegs
Row 46-51: Repeat row 44-45
Row 52: CC LC, K
Row 53: D by 1 each end, K all pegs
Row 54-59: Repeat row 52-53
Row 60-68: Repeat row 44-45
Put the loops on a stitch holder and repeat this again but you can leave the loops on the pegs and then after completing your sleeves you will add all the loops back to this loom. Move on to doing the sleeves next on the 24 peg loom.

Sleeves: Circular: 24 pegs
EW CO 24 pegs LC
Row 1: K
Row 2-9: K1 P1, 12 times
Row 10-18: CC DC, K
Row 19-26: CC LC, K
Row 27-34: Repeat rows 10-18
Row 35-42: Repeat rows 19-26
Row 43: CC DC start knitting flat: K24
Row 44: D by 1 on each end, K
Row 45-50: Repeat rows 43-44
Row 51: CC LC, K
Row 52: D by 1 on each end, K
Row 53-58: Repeat rows 51-52
Row 59-66: CC DC K
Place the 1st sleeve on a stitch holder, and repeat to maker the other sleeve.
Now lets put the front panel and sleeves onto the 36 peg loom. Start with putting a sleeve on by over lapping the 1st loop with the very end loop of the back panel. Then put the front panel loops on by over lapping the 1st peg with the end loop of the sleeve. Then put the other sleeve loops on making sure the 1st and last peg over lap by 1.
Now start the neck area of the sweater
Neck: Circular: 36 pegs
Row 1-15: DC K
Row 16-17: CC LC K
Tighten all your cast ons, then sew up your sides and sleeves making sure your stripes line up evenly. Add an applique to the center if you would like. Your done!!!!

Note: If you would like the make a larger size for a 3T or 4T add 2 rows to each section of stripes to each size increase. Trick when you decrease that you only decrease the same amount of times as above.  If you want smaller, switch to the 31 peg loom for the body, keep the 24 peg loom. Also remove 2 rows for each stripe section, then calculate how many times you would need to decrease for all 4 sections to fit onto a 31 peg loom. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to Loom Knit Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Doll

12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
white yarn 4ply 2 strands
2 black buttons and 1 yellow button
Black yarn for wiskers

DSCO: Draw String Cast On
CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
DEW: Double E-Wrap
P: Purl
COF: Cast Off

Head: Circular: 12 pegs
DEW CO 12 Pegs
Row 1-15: DEW 12 pegs
Take down to one loop and COF
Sew the top of the head off and then sew down the edges making a triangle to create ears. Leave 3 columns between ears. Follow picture for example.

Body: Circular: 12 pegs
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-3: DEW12
Row4: get all pegs down to 1 loop and P12
Row5-15: DEW12
Draw string the cast on and close off bottom of body. Stuff body and sew head on.

Arms and Legs: Flat: 7 pegs
DSCO 7 pegs
Row 1: EW7
Row 2-9: DEW7
get all pegs down to 1 loop COF
Sew up side, stuff, make 4. Sew legs on the purled line. Sew arms at the top of the body on sides lined up with ears.
Hot glue or sew your buttons on. Then embroider in the black wiskers. Your done. Create an outfit however you like. Change the body to a color for an outfit.
Your Done!!!

Helpful Videos

The mini bear video gives you can idea about how the limbs work, instead of knitting you are EWrapping, so follow the arms section for help. Also follow the body section for help on the body. The techniques video will help with some terminology. And the doll video will help with out to go about a double E-Wrap technique.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Loom Knit Doll Dress

Doll Dress

24 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
scrap yarn

EW: E-Wrap
CO: Cast On
K: Knit
P: Purl
ID: Internal Decrease
COF: Cast Off

24 peg loom: Flat: 1 strand of yarn
EW CO 24 Pegs
Row 1-2: K24
Row 3: P24
Row 4-7: K24
Row 8: P24
Row 9-12: K24
Row 10: P24:
Row 11-30: K24
Row 31: ID 24to12 pegs
Row 32-41: K12
Row 42: P12
Row 43-44: K12
Row 45: P4, COF4, P4
Row 46-49: P4
Repeat other side P4 pegs 4rows then COF
Tighten Cast on, make 2, sew sides of dress up to waist. Sew shoulder straps. Tuck your ends in. Your done!!!

How to loom knit a doll


12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
2 eyes
1 Skein of yarn 4ply doubled strands

DSCO: Draw String Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
DEW: Double E-Wrap
P: Purl
D: Decrease
COF: Cast Off
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

Head: 12 pegs: Circular:
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-8: DEW12
Row 9: DEW5, (Nose DEW1 5times), DEW6
Row 10-20: DEW12
Close off top of head, tighten cast on to straight rather than loose. Stuff.

Body: 12 Pegs: Circular:
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-3: DEW12
Row 4: P12
Row 5-15: DEW12
Close up bottom, stuff, sew head on body.

Arms: 9 pegs: Flat
DSCO 9 pegs
Row 1: EW9
Row 2-4: DEW9
Row 5: DEW4 (Thumb DEW2 5times) DEW3
Row 6: DEW9
Row7: D1 DEW1, DEW5, D1 DEW1 (7)
Row 8: D1 DEW1, DEW5 (6)
Row 9-17: DEW6
Make 2, Sew up arm side, stuff, then sew on the sides of the body at the very top of the body.

Legs: 12 pegs: Flat:
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-4: DEW12
Row 5: D1 DEW1, DEW8, D1 DEW1 (10)
Row 6: D1 DEW1, DEW6, D1 DEW1 (8)
Row 7-15: DEW8
Make 2, Sew up the front of the leg, stuff. Then sew on the purled line, lining the outer edges of the legs with the arms.

Add eyes and embroider mouth. Add hair and your done. :-)

Note: Doing the hair you have several techniques you can do, I would suggest looking them up online. I personally take a lid wrap the yarn around it several times and sew the strands together. Then I hot glue the seam in and fold it in half. This keeps the hair from coming out.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Loom Knit Fall Baby Booties

Fall Baby Booties

Makes size 3-4 booties for toddlers.
12 peg loom
Scrap yarn
Looming hook
Crafters Needle
Crochet hook

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
K: Knit
P: Purl
WT: Wrap and Turn
OLB: Original Loops Back on the Pegs
COF: Cast Off

12pegs: Circular
EW CO 12 pegs
Row1-2: K12
Row3: K6 P6
Row4: K12
Row5-14: Repeat rows 3 and 4
Row15: K6, P6, WT, K6, WT, P5, WT, K4, WT, P3, WT, K2, WT, K3, K4, K5, K6, K6
Row16-19: K12
Row20: (Scale: EW3 3rows, EW2 1row, EW1 1 row, EW2 1 row, EW3 3rows, OLB) Repeat 3 times
Row21-23: EW12
Row24: EW1 (Scale: EW3 3rows, EW2 1row, EW1 1row, EW2 1row, EW3 3rows, OLB) Repeat 3 times. Note: yes the 1st peg you EW will get used on the last scale.
Row25-27: EW12
Row28: Repeat row 20
Row29: EW12
Row30: P12
Tighten cast on, sew up toe, tuck ends, make 2. To add tread simply add hot glue to the purled rows on the bottom of the bootie.  To make smaller for a baby, follow the pattern up to row 10, then move to row16, follow up to row20 and at row20 knit instead or EW. This should make a smaller bootie for a baby.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Purchase a Realistic Owl Hat

This is the $40 dollar snow owl hat. Simple and less ridges.
 This is the size large hat, completed in Lions Brand Homespun Yarn. You can ask for this option of yarn if you would like.
 This is a kind of fun version of the hat, done in large, and a netted technique for the back. This would be an $80 hat if you wanted the netted technique with beads added.
 This was a hat completed in wool yarn, if you would like wool yarn you must add an extra $7 to your order.
This is a version of the snow owl hat with a crocodile stitch, this is $80 dollars as well if you want this particular stitch. You can still get a snow owl hat for cheaper, just keep the face area and smooth out the back of the hat. 
 If you put no yarn specifics in this is the hat you are ordering for the great horned owl. Periodically I will be adding in pictures of hats as they get made. I will also be adding in the size variations as well as the style differences. Still need to add the snow owl and fun owl hat to pictures.

If you would like to purchase a Realistic Owl Hat, here are a few things to know.

1.When ordering an Owl hat allow 2-3weeks to complete and ship out the hat, the reason being is that these hats are made on demand, when you order, that is when they get put down to be made. So if you are considering ordering one for a Christmas gift, please put in your order now to be sure it is ready for Christmas. As of this very minute the hat would get to you faster than 2 weeks, but this can be subject to change depending on orders, if they start to add up quickly.

2. I customize size, color, and yarn. If you want a smaller size naturally it is cheaper, but will typically fit a baby to a child. The standard size fits and older child to adult woman, and the large size fits adult woman to mens. If you want the fun color choice option you need to send me a message telling me your 3 colors. These colors need to include a dark, medium, and light color. The great horned owl is the standard, the snow owl will be white with a slight variation, and the fun color one is what you choose. Lastly if you want a natural fiber for your yarn please send me a message, this will increase the price by $5, maybe more if you want a specialty fiber that is expensive.

3. This is an original design, so you won't see this walking around everywhere on peoples heads.

Made On Demand

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Witches or Wizards Hat

Witches Hat

36 peg loom
looming hook
crochet hook
crafters needle
2 skeins of yarn

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
P: Purl
T: Turn to go other direction
D: Decrease
COF: Cast Off

Brim: 12 pegs: Flat
EW CO 12 pegs
Row 1-2: EW12
Row 3: EW6, T EW4 P2, EW7, T EW5 P2, EW8, TEW6 P2, EW9, T EW7 P2, EW10, T EW8 P2, EW11, T EW9 P2, EW12
Row 4-10: EW12
Repeat Rows 3-10 5 more times.
Sew ends together

Smaller Brim: 6 pegs: Flat
EW CO 6 pegs
Row 1-2: EW6
Row 3: EW3, T EW1 P2, EW4, T EW2 P2, EW5, T EW3 P2, EW6
Row 4-10: EW6
Repeat rows 3-10 5 more times.
Sew ends together.

Hat: 36 pegs: Circular
EW CO 36 pegs
Row 1-7: EW 36
Row 8: EW18 (start working flat)
Row 9: D1 EW1, EW14, D1 EW1 (16)
Row 10-12: EW16
Row 13: D1 EW1, EW12, D1 EW1 (14)
Row 14-16: EW14
Row 17: D1 EW1, EW10, D1 EW1 (12)
Row 18-20: EW12
Row 21: D1 EW1, EW8, D1 EW1 (10)
Row 22-24: EW10
Row 25: D1 EW1, EW6, D1 EW1 (8)
Row 26-28: EW8
Row 29: D1 EW1, EW4, D1 EW1 (6)
Row 30-31: EW6
Row 32: D1 EW1, EW2, D1 EW1 (4)
Row 33-34: EW4
Row 35: D1 EW1, D1 EW1 (2)
Row 36: EW2
Row 37: D1 EW1 (1)
Snip end pull through. Repeat rows 8-37 on other side. Sew up sides, then sew on brim. Your Done!!!

Note for smaller or larger sizes: When doing the brim, if you are going down to the next loom size of 30 pegs only repeat the concept 5 total times rather than 6.
If larger 40 pegs repeat concept 7 total times rather than 8.
When doing the hat for the smaller size row 1-5 EW then divide the loom in half and start the decrease concept which is decrease then EW 3 rows, decrease then EW 3 rows.
When doing the larger hat size row 1-9 EW, then divide the loom in half and start decreasing then EW3 rows, decrease then EW 3r